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Arkansas Electric Chooses OnPage for Managing On-Call IT Staff

June 29, 2015

Onset Technologies recently announced that Arkansas Electric had selected its OnPage messaging solution for its IT staff to use for on-call support. The decision follows an extensive evaluation process where the utility company examined and evaluated several competing solutions.

Prior to using OnPage, Arkansas Electric’s IT department used a manual process with a spreadsheet to schedule IT staff for on-call duty. This process was time consuming and error-prone as some support calls ended up being dropped. A scheduling feature in OnPage handled the process more efficiently and reliably, saving the department time and labor costs, and ensuring that techs received the support calls.

OnPage also allowed the department to save money on the costs of security services. Instead of having a security company call the department staff when a physical security breach occurs, the department manager receives a notification when such a breach occurs and notifies the staff.

Arkansas Electric had evaluated several different messaging systems and found that none of them were a good fit. OnPage was easier to understand and use compared to the other solutions and was a better fit for its IT on-call scheduling. These were the major factors that led to the utility company selecting OnPage.

Although pagers have gone the way of floppy disks and typewriters, the need for their functionality has not disappeared. Businesses and organizations still need a messaging system for delivering urgent messages to on-call staff or employees working in the field.

It is not enough however, to replicate the functionality of a pager in the form of a mobile app. Many companies have compliance requirements with regulations such as HIPAA that require secure communications. Pagers are also a one-way form of communication; being able to use two-way messaging is better communication. The sender can get acknowledgement that the intended recipient actually got the message. The recipient in turn, can also get clarification from the sender.

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OnPage offers all these benefits, giving its customers a complete urgent messaging solution. According to the OnPage website, several prominent companies are among its customers: Accenture, Adobe, AT&T, Cisco, GM, Proctor & Gamble, and Wake Forest University. Other customers include prominent healthcare providers: Austin Radiological Association, Boston Children’s Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and Yale-New Haven Hospital.

All of these companies and healthcare providers need reliable messaging systems that perform well under adverse conditions and meet regulatory requirements. OnPage appears to be a solution that satisfies all those needs without being difficult to use. 

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