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CGH Medical Center Adopts TelmedIQ Secure Messaging

June 29, 2015

The CGH Medical Center has operated in Northern Illinois for more than 100 years. It recently chose to upgrade its communications platform and picked TelmedIQ to secure that transition.

TelmedIQ provides healthcare organizations with its communications platform to enable HIPAA-compliant text messaging and mobile paging across all necessary staff members. This upgrade comes off a legacy system that CGH used and which reportedly became expensive as its number of physicians began to grow. It was also difficult to track messages on pager devices through that legacy system. The TelmedIQ platform will increase the healthcare provider's ability to track messages while also saving it money; furthermore, it will work on smartphones and eliminate the need for physicians to carry pagers to accept notifications.

Judy Hammett, CGH Medical's Director of Finance, spoke about this transition in the announcement that TelmedIQ recently released.

“We needed a solution that could be used on a smartphone, thus allowing CGH Medical's physicians to carry one less device. We also needed a solution that would allow us to page a pocket pager because a few of our providers communicated only in that method,” Hammett said. “After two years of extensive evaluation we discovered that solutions for secure communications on a smartphone, particular to the healthcare industry, were very difficult to find or non-existent.”

She continued by noting that TelmedIQ was the only paging system that met the medical center's desire for all the features listed above. It capitalizes on the number of smartphones present in the workplace which, according to TelmedIQ CEO Ben Moore, reaches 90 percent in hospitals among physicians.

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This brings to the table a sense of urgency that other methods of communication cannot provide. If doctors have their smartphones with them all the time, they can instantly receive texts and respond to emergencies. With other paging devices, messages may not have been as complex—even if they were instant. And pagers have become just one more device to carry around. Smartphone applications can replace them, so it is a breath of fresh air when they do.

The CHG center will also gain a sense of security by trusting in TelmedIQ's compliance with HIPAA. With regulatory bodies cracking down on breaches and insecure communications, it was not an option to switch to an insecure service, so CGH took its time to find the correct product. Now, according to Hammett, Moore, and potentially many others at the medical center, that security will arrive in a package that fits it best.

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