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OrecX and GENBAND Team Up for Call Recording in Nuvia Cloud UC

June 29, 2015

Call recording is a critical element for communications – especially in the business landscape. Not only do recorded calls offer legal security, but they can also be used to help with training and to ensure operations are functioning optimally.

To address the increasing need for this element within communications solutions, GENBAND recently partnered with OrecX to add the company’s Open Source Recording into Nuvia Cloud UC.

Steve Kaiser, who is the CEO of OrecX, talked exclusively with Real Time Communications World about the partnership and its significance.

Kaiser noted that the important element call recording provides for businesses is ROI. From regulatory obligations like compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Telemarketing, Truth in Lending Act, etc.—to helping with customer retention, the increasing significance in each of these areas, Kaiser said, coupled with new applications, such as cloud-based voice analytics, is improving ROI for more enterprises in a wider array of industries.

With this partnership specifically, OrecX is a technology partner for GENBAND's global roll-out of its Nuvia Cloud UC service and is providing the technology behind Nuvia’s call recording solution.

“Including call recording in Nuvia gives GENBAND's customers a simple, efficient, and low-cost means to enhance customer service as well as meet data retention or compliance requirements without investing in separate recording hardware/software or worrying about local media storage,” Kaiser said.

In addition to these benefits, Kaiser noted that the cloud-based recording technology offers, “economies of scale, resiliency and convenience that make it compelling.”

OrecX offers open source call recording applications for call centers, enterprises and business VoIP providers and thanks to open APIs, made it possible for GENBAND to quickly bring the call recording capabilities to its customers across geographies. Particularly in the U.K. market, the demand for a call recording solution that was cloud based was great.

“OrecX's open design puts the customer in full control of a system so it adapts to their particular needs,” Kaiser said.

As a cloud-based UC offering, Nuvia makes it possible for businesses of any size to have market-ready communications services for their mobile, desktop and the Web.

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The beneficial outcome now is that OrecX’s software is a standard engineered component of the Nuvia Cloud UC service so, “whenever GENBAND scales with new Nuvia customers, we can scale alongside them,” Kaiser noted.

This is only the first step in the partnership which will include additional value for users.  

"We plan to make OrecX Open Source (News - Alert) Recording just the first piece of the growing value equation for Nuvia users. In the future, we want to empower GENBAND to offer a new generation of voice analytic solutions enabled by third-party vendors."


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