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GENBAND Lands Silver-Level Rank in BT Group PLC Forum

July 08, 2015

GENBAND has been a busy outfit lately, particularly as awards go. It's been on the CNBC Disruptor 50 list, and its products, particularly Kandy, take home awards show produce with an almost frightening efficiency. One more award has recently come GENBAND's way, as the company received Silver Status on BT Group PLC's Better Future Supplier Forum.

Back in 2012, BT started up the Better Future Supplier Forum as a means to help drive innovation in its supply chain by offering awards to those who innovated. Much of the innovation in question seemed focused on environmental impact, with sustainability playing a major role and firms were judged on the ability to reduce carbon emissions. The goal was to drop such emissions by three times the “end-to-end carbon impact” of BT's own operations, according to reports.

With a goal in mind, GENBAND took up the challenge and plunged into major changes, retooling its operations and supply chain, even reconsidering product designs, to produce a more eco-friendly approach. This approach involved a lot more training and education, but went beyond that to lower costs in real estate, adding new design techniques with a focus on sustainability, using the competition as a guidepost to see how well progress was flowing, and even changing the way products were packaged to produce the best overall result.

Several of GENBAND's own products stepped in to help; GENBAND's Network Transformation system, for example, actually helps drive both CO2 reduction and real estate cost savings, which helps drive down energy use and thus reduces the carbon footprint accordingly. GENBAND even boasts its Global Day of Service, in which GENBAND employees step out of the office and engage in service projects to help the communities in which said employees live.

BT's head of sustainability for procurement, Liz Cross, offered up some comment on GENBAND's efforts and the sustainability initiative so far, saying “It’s vital for us to work with partners who share our vision for a sustainable future, and GENBAND has demonstrated its commitment to that process. Our feedback loop allowed us to witness GENBAND implementing impressive improvements across the company.”

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Sustainability is actually an important process, and not strictly for its environmental impact. Some like to idly brush away the concept of ecological awareness as the stuff of hippie granola fantasy, but it has some clear bottom-line impact that's worth noting. Reducing real estate costs doesn't just improve the carbon footprint; it also, as the term suggests, reduces costs for real estate. Using less material in packaging means a reduction in packaging costs. Using less power means a lower electric bill, and so on down the line. Thus GENBAND's move here isn't just a way to help protect our Earth, but also a way to help improve the bottom line. That's a goal most any company of any size can get behind.

Sustainability is an important concept, because it not only means a better life on this planet, but also cost savings and a chance at improved profitability. GENBAND's award-winning ways, meanwhile, make it an attractive company to do business with, and this is one more move likely to pay off in the company's favor. 

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