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Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Kandy, Juniper

July 11, 2015

Communications happening in real-time are now a necessity both on a businesses and consumer level. The ability to communicate and operate in the present has everyone interested in RTC.

While regularly covered in the media for many of its enterprise applications and benefits, there are a number of other important places where #RTC can have an impact in the future. Like grabbing food at a restaurant for example. An article this week by contributing writer Anna Johansson comments on the future Tech we can expect to see improving our restaurant experiences. Use of mobile technology and tablets to make ordering, paying and even reserving a spot at the restaurant may be in the near future. Johansen quotes a recent article from the Wall Street Journal about the ways mobile technology is revolutionizing how diners interact with restaurants. “The ubiquity of smartphones can eclipse some of the very reasons we eat out: relaxation, discovery, camaraderie and a fleeting escape from our machine-driven lives.”

As more and more applications include real-time communications within them the future of the restaurant setting looks pretty remarkable.

Speaking of innovative new mobile applications, GENBAND’s Kandy is hosting a throwdown where developers from different industries and backgrounds can add RTC features to their applications including video, chat and more, and then compete for titles like “popular choice,” “most addictive” and “best student made application” with a pot of 30K in cash prizes.

GENBAND also made headlines this week when it announced winning silver status on BT Group PLCs better future supplier forum. The forum is meant to help drive innovation for the supply chain and offers awards to those who have demonstrated sustainability with their offerings. GENBAND was recognized for its ability to cut carbon footprint, using less power and less material when packaging, and helping to improve the bottom line.

Finally, a new report this week from Juniper Research finds that email has just about another year left of life before instant messaging becomes the preferred mode of communication for many, including business users. By 2019, the research firm predicts that mobile online messaging traffic including email SMS, MMS and IM will reach 160 trillion messages, or around 438 billion messages sent every day. Chief in importance behind this jump include the low-cost that is associated with IM services and the popularity of apps being offered today.

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That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest Real Time Communications news as it happens. Until next week …

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