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Acticall's Acquisition of Sitel Will Revolutionize Worldwide Customer Care

July 14, 2015

There’s no question that the customer service industry has changed dramatically over the last few years with social media, more people having mobile devices and being connected to the Internet, and the worldwide borders that once separated brands and customers now diminishing.

Today it’s possible for people to find and buy goods from almost anywhere in the world – mostly through the click of a few buttons. This expanded audience still needs care options if a company wants to be successful. The problem becomes, “How do you communicate and keep those customers who live in different time zones and speak different languages happy too?”

France-based CRM Company Groupe Acticall, has a pretty good idea of what it’s going to take to be a leader on this front – and announced last week that it will acquire well-known U.S. customer care provider Sitel.

Sitel boasts 30 years in the outsourced customer care market, representing some of the best-known brands in the world. This acquisition will bring those companies to Acticall’s portfolio and together, allow brands to interact with customers in over 40 languages.

Bert Quintana,
Chairman of the Board, President & CEO

The transaction is expected to close within 90 days subject to government and regulatory approvals.

While Groupe Acticall will own Sitel, it will continue to operate as an independent brand.

Customers today are trying to reach companies via different channels, and not just the standard phone calls of the past. Web, social media, IM – are all modes of communication that remove the hassle of waiting on hold, that could potentially get resolutions in real-time.

In fact, by 2018, research firm Forrester predicts mobile devices will have advanced, rich interfaces that make it possible to have highly customized service experiences and real-time capabilities. That means knowing who the user is, where they are located, what their current situation is as measured by a variety of sensors, and more.

Laurent Uberti
Co-Founder & CEO
Groupe Acticall

“The combination of Acticall’s deep expertise in customer relationship management and Sitel’s reputation for delivering outstanding customer experiences will significantly raise the bar for outsourced customer care services. We look forward to applying innovative technologies and forward-thinking strategies to further delight our clients and their customers each day,” Sean Erickson, Sitel’s EVP, Chief Marketing & Infrastructure Officer told Real Time Communications World.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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