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Foxtons Adopts CallMiner Interaction Analytics

July 15, 2015

CallMiner recently announced that it has begun to provide Foxtons, a London-based real estate agency, with its Eureka and EurekaLive interaction analytics software.

The goal of this collaboration is for Foxtons to better understand how its customer interactions take place, the performance of its sales efforts, and overall trends in the real estate market. All those benefits can come from dissection of interactions between Foxtons agents and their customers who, by human nature, continually express their desires through conversation. Dan Rafferty, the IT director at Foxtons, commented on the competitive edge that his company hopes Eureka will provide.

“Having the ability to look inside our customer interactions means that we can better serve our customers and gain an understanding of what our customers are saying to us every day,” Rafferty said. “In addition, the ability to naturally discover what is trending on our calls, without having to define specific searches, will give us a competitive edge when it comes to spotting new trends in the market.”

A previous TMC report about the TMC Eureka platform indicates that it can provide enterprise analysts with tools to discover the intricate

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elements of any conversation. It can display the occurrence of specific keywords and phrases as well as acoustic attributes of a conversation such as silence or jumbling of words when one person talks over another.

This can give some valuable insight into how Foxtons agents and customer once acted when speaking with one another. If there is silence or double-talk, for instance, agents may not be doing enough to keep conversations interesting or relevant. On the other hand, the appearance of certain keywords can give managers a look into customer preferences so future sales can speak to those market trends.

EurekaLive monitors calls in real time so managers can rescue conversations that may have lost their way. If it notices that a conversation contains a lot of silence, for instance, it can alert managers and allow them to correct the situation while the customer is still on the line. Loud tones (a raised voice or shouting) from a disgruntled customer, as another example, could also set off alerts so enterprises can diffuse those situations before things get out of hand.

Used properly, Foxtons seeks to benefit from CallMiner software both during present customer service and in future sales opportunities. With its 56 offices in the London area and 34 years of experience in the market, there are many instances where both the company and its customers can benefit from improved customer service.

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