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UC Legal Issues Not Taken Seriously Enough

July 22, 2015

Enterprises are pushing ahead with unified communications platforms as a way to save money and improve their real-time communications infrastructure, but how many are considering the security and legal implications of these deployments?

That’s a question posed by a recent white paper on the topic of UC and compliance issued by Avotus, and it highlights how very real legal and compliance issues are when it comes to UC.

Tinder, for example, was in hot water when one of its co-founders sued the company and its parent, IAC, alleging that Tinder CEO Sean Rad and co-founder Justin Mateen subjected her to inappropriate comments via emails and text message. IAC settled for an undisclosed amount that Forbes reports was over $1 million. A greater focus on UC legal and compliance issues might have avoided the lawsuit.

“It is almost on a weekly basis that I see a story that highlights this particular risk,” noted Avotus CEO, James Martino, in a recent YouTube interview. “For example, AT&T recently faced a $100 million lawsuit because of abuse that allegedly took place on the unified communications system utilizing text messages.”

In addition to monitoring for inappropriate communications, many businesses also must watch out for information security violations. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and the Dodd-Frank Act are three particularly prominent regulations that require businesses to tread carefully when it comes to communications.

With the Dodd-Frank Act, for instance, financial institutions must ensure that they have the capability to archive and maintain all types of electronic communications. These include text message, voicemail, instant messaging, voice call and email archiving and reporting.

While some UC solutions come with built-in reporting and monitoring mechanisms, most do not. That’s why companies such as Avotus have developed solutions to address this critical issue.

The ICM Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) tool in the Avotus Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) program is one such solution. It sits atop UC platforms either as a cloud service or an on-premise solution, and both tracks and reports on UC usage. It gives businesses visibility into IM, presence, voice, wireless and video conferencing.

With legal and regulatory requirements quite real, and most UC platforms not adequately safeguarding company communications, solutions like the Avotus EUR are a necessary piece of the UC puzzle for many businesses.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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