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Partnership to Bring Real-Time Travel Planning, Mobile Ticketing to American Mass Transit

July 27, 2015

Earlier today, Bytemark, Inc., a mobile ticketing service provider, and HaCon, a developer of transit-related software solutions, announced they would be entering into a partnership in North America aiming to “deliver powerful new IT capabilities for transit agencies and put accurate, real-time transit information in the hands of riders,” according to Bytemark CEO Micah Bergdale. The partnership’s main goal is to help the mass transit experience in North America run a lot more smoothly by combining timetables that adjust in real time with simple and easy mobile ticket purchasing.

HaCon brings to the table its multimodal timetable system, called HAFAS, which has already enjoyed tremendous success in Europe. Each day, the service processes about 90 million different schedules across 25 European countries, and combines information from various train, bus, and subway schedules in order to give users the smoothest and quickest popular route along mass transit.

It will be exciting to see HaCon bring “their decades of experience in real-time travel planning and logistics data management to the mass transit agencies here in North America,” said Bergdale.


What makes this partnership even more innovative is the integration of Bytemark. As a pioneer in mobile ticketing services for transit, Bytemark allows travelers to adjust their plans quickly and easily by allowing them to buy tickets for mass transit directly from their mobile devices. In today’s on-the-go world, this service is invaluable.

By integrating Bytemark’s mobile payment solutions into the HaCon real-time schedules, mass transit in North America can become “a more seamless and enjoyable experience,” according to HaCon CEO Michael Frankenberg.

Under this new partnership, travelers can receive constantly updated transit information across multiple modes of transportation, and then purchase tickets instantly from within the same platform. As Frankenberg puts it, “This partnership brings the knowledge, resources, systems and experience needed to take the North American public transit industry to a whole new level of excellent.” Mass transit frequent flyers and casual users alike should rejoice, as their world is about to get a whole lot simpler. 

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