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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Connected Cars, Remote Workforce, Smart Messaging

August 01, 2015

Real Time Communications are about far more than just the ability to check-in and communicate with people in a prompt manner—they now also make it possible for machines to communicate and function more efficiently and are even changing how we work and play.

A feature by TMC contributor Doug Mohney looked at the ways our always-on, connected lives are transforming thanks to RTC. This could be a good thing, and it could be a bad thing—depending how we plan our time and responsibly shut down when needed. Spending a summer vacation with family could mean a mental getaway from business affairs too, or it could keep you connected the entire time. The choice is yours to do with technology today as you wish.

There are benefits to having all of these integrated communications that cannot be overlooked.

Special Guest Laurie Samper wrote a piece this week that looked at the ways having access to immediate and real-time communications over email, SMS and other OTT apps has been beneficial. The next step in this front for enterprises is to employ smart messaging offerings that make it possible to deliver communications via whichever channel makes the most sense. 

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Speaking of the enterprise setting, connected companies are also fostering the growth of a remote workforce.  These workers no longer need to be tethered to desks, or work from a central location. Instead it’s becoming more and more possible to work from home, increase productivity and improve relationships outside of work thanks to more flexibility and freedom.

Sure having immediate communications and easier ways to do our jobs are a great part of the RTC landscape, but another area we don’t hear so much about but that’s also starting to take off is the communications happening between machines. The connected car space is heating up and the addition of real time communications in that realm is transforming how quickly those on the road have access to information.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest Real Time Communications news as it happens. Until next week …

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