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Datawatch and ICG Team Up on Election Issues Analytical Solution

August 07, 2015

Datawatch has made a name for itself thanks to its analytical solutions across a wide spectrum of markets. Now the firm has announced a partnership with ICG Solutions in order to provide people with real-time sentiment and issue analysis for the upcoming 2016 elections.

The two companies have put together a new solution, called LUX2016 and this solution will provide some rather down-to-the-minute detail analytics when it comes to who is leading the race from one day to the next.

The system is built to track the major issues that are being discussed by the candidates. These issues include jobs, immigration, gay marriage, abortion, gun rights and foreign policy. The solution does the monitoring by looking at all kinds of incoming social media posts that mention or hint at the issues. A proprietary algorithm is used to analyze the overall sentiment and then shows how people are feeling about a particular candidate’s views.

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The tracking of these issues is always changing and going on in real time, as the posts are coming in and that means the candidates themselves can look and see rather easily how the public is feeling about what they are saying. “LUX2016 is a game changer because it makes political big data analytics simple enough for anyone to use,” David Waldrop, president & chief executive officer at ICG Solutions said in a recent statement announcing the solution. “With LUX2016, users can pick out important details from debates in real-time, predict candidate controversies, pinpoint candidate strengths and weaknesses, predict polling data, and even predict how people will vote, all without needing to know how to code or crunch mounds of data.”

In the past, the company has used similar kinds of solutions in areas like the field of healthcare. With the 2016 campaigns kicking off in earnest this month the firm felt it was appropriate to bring out this kind of solution.

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