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Real-Time Mobile Messengers Can Benefit Company Operations

August 07, 2015

Manufacturing plants are places where a lot can go wrong. Multiple moving parts can result in production lines shutting down or fires occurring within a plant itself. In any case, a recent blog post points out, the addition of real-time mobile messengers can help keep all staff connected in case of such events.

For any sort of crisis, TruTower points out, managers and team leaders know the need for instant communication. Mobile messengers that reach all supervisors and plant employees can transmit messages of security that help keep everyone safe during possible life-threatening emergencies. Even when production lines simply shut down and therefore are not a threat to anyone's life, instant notification of those failures can alert teams who know how to get things running again.

More than being timely, messengers can be effective because they do not require a lot of paperwork or overhead to get everyone on board. Real-time communication means reaching every employee with the same critical information, bypassing the possibility of reaching voicemail, and making sure the proper personnel are working to fix any operational problems.

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Messengers can do even more than transmit plain text. They are often capable of sending file attachments such as company documents in a PDF file. This can make it easy for two departments to communicate instantly and with the ability to send complex information contained in universal file formats.

Real-time communication can also bring entire groups up to speed about the goings on with new company processes. For example, if there is a new safety procedure in place, simple messages can alert all staff to that change. Rather than holding an extensive meeting that takes hours out of everyone's collective work day, a quick message can transmit the same information in just a few seconds.

Lastly, TruTower points out that a preferred mobile communication system can lend consistency to business operations. Soon after implementation, managers and employees alike will come to expect weekly status updates or prompt responses to company concerns directly on their mobile devices. That consistency can give organizations a central point of focus and the expectation that everyone will know where to find relevant information about company affairs.

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