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IDC Research Shows Increased Popularity of Hybrid Cloud Systems

August 11, 2015

It would appear that enterprises have not only overcome their fears about the cloud, but are now favoring a multicloud approach by contracting with two or more cloud service providers. New research from IDC, as commissioned by XO Communications shows that more and more businesses are choosing a hybrid cloud architecture comprised of both private and public cloud resources from multiple service providers.

IDC’s published findings, entitled “Why Are Enterprises Connecting to Multicloud Services?” show that the number of enterprises using a multicloud strategy is expected to jump from 29 percent to an astounding 86 percent over the next two years. Hybrid cloud architectures are being leveraged largely so IT managers can support an increased demand for enterprise cloud applications more efficiently and cost effectively.

"Enterprises that connect to cloud service providers through the public Internet face security and performance concerns inherent with that access option," said Jake Heinz, senior vice president, marketing and product at XO Communications. "The secure and reliable XO network-enabled cloud offers companies the ability to connect cost-effectively to a wide variety of cloud services in an environment where they have end-to-end control and visibility."

The trend toward multiple cloud providers and hybrid cloud architectures aligns with IDC’s recommendation that enterprises with more than 500 employees develop an integrated IT and network plan, regardless of their vertical market. Hybrid cloud architectures like XO’s increasingly meet the needs of this type of integrated strategy.

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IDC also found that network reliability and availability were extremely important attributes for businesses selecting a cloud service provider. Secure data transport was also rated as an important factor, along with the performance management capabilities of the network provider being used to access cloud services.

Organizations queried by IDC also indicated they plan to double from the current average of two cloud services providers to four within the next two years.


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