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Connected Cars & RTC Making Travel Safer

August 12, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an impossible technological advancement to ignore today. With just about everything and everyone connected and intelligently communicating, it was only a matter of time before things like driving in a car got a facelift too. Thanks to M2M technologies and the ability for machines to communicate with other systems (think fleet management systems or infotainment) driving in a car in the future will be a much safer thing to do.

Recent findings by, “Connected Car Ecosystem: 2015 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts,”  anticipates the market will earn $40 billion in revenue each year by 2020—with much of the success attributed to consumers, insurance companies, and businesses wanting to travel safer and more efficiently while on the road.

Aside from information for insurance purposes, or to better manage fleets, a connected car with real time communications (RTC) capabilities becomes a safer overall vehicle to travel in. This is the idea behind Mercury Motion’s Mercury Life Saver offering.

Network application developer Mrityunjay Pandey took part in The Kandy Throw Down event recently which asked developers to use to embed real time communications features into their applications. 

After careful review by a panel of industry-leading judges who tested each idea and evaluated it based on originality, use of the Kandy API, and how much it improved the original version of the app, Mercury was selected as the Grand Prize Winner.

With Kandy, it’s possible to add real time communications that are reliable to any app thanks to easy-to-use SDKs.

The offering is describes as the, “road side emergency response angel.”

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Pandey integrated the Kandy WebRTC API with the Mercury application to build a real time video communication channel for service providers and first responders to use. In addition, voice and SMS capabilities were added to the app.

The intelligent IoT-based app uses car sensor data and offers help during a crash or emergency. The app can be used to bring together insurance companies, hospitals, first responders and the victim. Thanks to Kandy, WebRTC video conferencing was added to make it possible for the parties to communicate and see the victim’s situation in real-time, or if needed, the archive of the live recording can be accessed later for reference. Crash victims also have a chance to be face to face with first responders before they are even on the scene—something ground breaking when it comes to accident response.

“We are able to save service providers and end users time and money by using Real Time Communications in emergency situations – when every second matters,” representatives from the company told RTC World.

Plans for the future, depending on funding, also include the addition of more RTC capabilities as well as, “developing strong use cases for defense, Oil& Gas, manufacturing mining and Space industries where real time communications will play a crucial role in connecting the planet.”

See how it works in the video below. 

For a complete schooling on the potential impacts of Connected Car development in the IoT, don’t miss IoT Evolution Expo, next week, August 17 to 20, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. 

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