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New App: Conquering Diabetes with Real Time Communications

August 20, 2015

Real time communications has made its way into the healthcare vertical as a way for patients and doctors to share vital information. New apps are taking on the task to connect patient data with doctors as it’s recorded - making the outcomes even more beneficial for our health.

One illness that requires lots of monitoring is diabetes. Recent research predicts that about 52 percent of the adult population is going to have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020 – with any people unaware they even have it.

Any one suffering for the disease knows those measuring glucose readings regularly and sharing that information with doctors is critical for health. But having to travel to and from appointments for these readings can be obtrusive to a normal life, and in many cases unnecessary.

Thanks to connected technologies and machine to machine capabilities, now doctors can see those readings remotely as the monitoring systems communicate with a doctor’s medical device to share patient readings.

One of these apps, “Diabetic Kandy,” was recently a Grand Prize Runner Up in The Kandy Throw Down event and received the Most Addictive Kandy award at the event.

The app allows diabetes patients to share up-to-date glucose readings with their doctors from anywhere in the world.

For the Kandy Throwdown event, developers were challenged to use to embed real time communications (#RTC) features into their applications. A panel of industry-leading judges then tested each idea and evaluated it based on originality, use of the Kandy API, and how much it improved the original version of the app.

Image via GENBAND

Kandy makes it possible to add reliable real time communications to any scenario. Easy SDKs for every developer makes achieving a human element for apps a reality.

I recently had a chance to chat with developer and creator Samir Toumi about the experience at Kandy Throw Down and what’s in store for Diabetic Kandy in the near future.

Toumi, whose full time job is an electronics engineer, develops iOS apps on the side and already has nine published apps under his belt.

The idea of developing an app for diabetics was something Toumi was intimately tied to after watching his own wife struggle with the day to day management of diabetes. While there are already a number of apps on the market that allow users to manage diabetes or even export a file to send to your doctor, they don’t let you share your glucose readings instantly with your doctor.   

The idea is to reduce the number of in-person visits, without limiting the care patients need to manage their diabetes.

With the offering, doctors will not only have instant access to all the data needed, but they can also text, voice or video call and send new regimens to patients including the amount of insulin the patient needs to inject.

The most current version of the app uses real-time communications features like texts and voice calls – but there is still more in the works like co-browsing and emergency SMS features, before the public version is released, Toumi said.

“Since I can only dedicate a few hours a week to app development, developing an app like Diabetic Kandy without would have been just impossible. I found the Kandy SDK very easy to use and the clearly written code made using it a breeze.”

To see more of the app in action, check out the video below. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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