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Moasis Unveils Location-based Advertising Tool

August 28, 2015

Moasis has announced a location-based marketing tool for mobile advertising, dubbed Moasis for Advertisers.

“We have been on the leading edge of location since 2009 when we founded the company recognizing the mobile revolution would require a fundamentally different technology to create contextually relevant communications experiences,” Ryan Golden, founder and CEO of the San Francisco-based company, said.  

Golden said that the benefits would extend in the future beyond large corporations to even smaller businesses, as well as government, developers and marketers.

As more users opt for mobile devices, advertisers are trying to follow their audience. And as these users move around with their smartphones, location is becoming more relevant to tailoring messages to specific audiences. BIA/Kelsey expects mobile targeting to reach 52 percent of advertising spending by 2018.

Moasis for Advertisers not only factors in a user’s location, but environmental conditions, prevailing demographics, time and date, allowing for more specific targeting. It also makes use of predictive analytics to anticipate what people will do in any given location. The company said that its proprietary Geo-Grid technology was better than the standard geo-fence technology.

All of this information is useful because the preferences of consumers change with the seasons, the weather, and even during the course of a day.

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Local businesses could really benefit from location-based advertising. A café could offer young people iced coffee on a hot summer afternoon, for example. Small, local businesses will have access to tools that let them target consumers more specifically than they can with newspaper, radio or TV ads. Many of these businesses lack access to ad firms the way large corporations do. Mobile advertising could let them punch above their weight.

MediaOlogy is one of the companies planning to take advantage of Moasis for Advertisers.

“We truly recognize the benefits of location-based advertising and the ability it gives brands to reach empowered consumers with timely and relevant content,” Tomás Rui, a partner at MediaOlogy, said. “In partnering with Moasis we are able to utilize their unique platform and deliver the innovation and conversions we strive to bring to our clients, especially our premise-based accounts.”

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