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ADTRAN Embraces APIs

August 31, 2015

API used to be a term reserved only for the most esoteric conversations at tech companies. Now everybody and their brother is talking about APIs. And today communications networking company ADTRAN is telling its API story.

The company’s broadband, enterprise, and Wi-Fi access products offer RESTful APIs to allow third-party solutions providers to integrate with them more easily. And that’s now enabling analytics, customization, and service orchestration in concert with the ADTRAN products, the company reports.

One nationwide service provider is using the API to allow customers to centralize the management and provisioning of wireless access points, says ADTRAN, and a New York art school has used it to create a portal through which students can register their devices to the school’s wireless network—giving the school visibility into what endpoints are on the network and more power to provision network resources.

Robert Conger, ADTRAN’s AVP of carrier strategy, at a recent analyst and press event at the company’s Huntsville, Alabama, headquarters talked about how end users have become accustomed to using apps to, for example, buy airplane tickets and select seats on their flights. The idea of enabling end users to use portals to set up and change their communications services is the same basic idea, he indicated.

“To achieve that you have to have the network fully programmable,” he said.

“Service agility is key,” he added. “Users want to be able to activate services from these portals.”

Indeed, Forrester Research calls the application programming interface the poster child of digital transformation.

“APIs are proliferating at enterprises making industry-leading investments in mobile, IoT, and big data,” Michael Yamnitsky wrote in a recent Forrester Research blog.

Gartner, meanwhile, believes that half of all business-to-business collaboration will take place through Web APIs by 2017, and that by 2018 three-fourths of Fortune 1000 firms will offer public web APIs.

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