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The ICT Trifecta: Cloud, Mobile UC, Real Time Communications

September 03, 2015

The world hasn’t actually gotten any smaller in the digital age. Quite the contrary, it is we who have grown, or at least our reach which has expanded, thanks to the undeniable power of modern communication technology. And while the ability to communicate across borders and over oceans is no longer novel, the speed at which this communication occurs, and the quality of the interactions, is, and always will be mind-boggling. No place is this more apparent than the work place.

Real time communications have become standard across the full spectrum of industries, and especially in the enterprise. According to a recent post in TechTarget, enterprises are expanding their definition of unified communications (UC) to be inclusive of mobile devices. The reason is simple enough: unlike an immovable desktop or even a clunky laptop, a smartphone, or tablet can go anywhere you go, and keep you connected wherever that might be—airplane, café, hotel, jungle, etc.

The benefits of using mobile devices as portals for real time communication are obvious for workers who are regularly in the field, such as technicians, who can now communicate with a base of operations in real time using text, chat, or even video.


Likewise, IT departments are integrating this technology in corporate settings. A company rep meeting with a business client on the other side of the country can feed updates back to the enterprise from the restaurant where the terms of a big contract are being discussed, or request information that he or she might not have access to. This back-and-forth can take place right within a browser thanks to WebRTC.

Throw cloud computing into the mix, and this company rep doesn’t even need to request that information in the first place, because he or she can directly access any files via the company’s virtual network. The result is an extremely well-armed, mobile employee with a network of information and co-workers at his or her finger tips—and proof that cloud-computing, mobile UC and real time communication capabilities, have effectively become the trifecta of modern business communications technology.    

But don’t take our word for it; just look at the recent collaboration between Apple and Cisco, which is creating a fast-lane for iOS devices on the Cisco network to encourage greater use of Apple mobile devices in conferencing and unified communications. ICT bigwigs are building their future around the notion that enterprise mobility and unified communications will eventually be synonymous. (And with the Internet of Things, real time communications between machines will also be a thing.)

So for all you enterprises out there adopting mobile UC, the world is your oyster; it fits in your pocket in the form of a smartphone, and contains incalculable value within.

For everyone else, what are you waiting for?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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