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Innovative Expansions in #RTC

September 11, 2015

Staying connected in real-time is something we all claim is an important factor in our digital lives, but do we fully grasp the possibilities? Real-time communications today is about much more than just ensuring there is another person on the other end of the line when we’re ready to connect. Today, it’s making gaming more fun, offering innovative ways to learn, expanding the value of mobile and so much more.

As much as mobile plays an important role in our everyday lives, it’s surprising how much time and effort hasn’t gone into mobile apps from the IT-side. As a result, mobile devices remain email-oriented device that are user-driven and cause IT to pause for fear of security vulnerabilities. Some may view them as a poor substitute for the PC instead of the innovative device is has the potential to be.

As Info World recently highlighted, some industries have discovered the potential for real-time communications with mobile devices that extend beyond the obvious. Courier services use them to track and manage package delivery; the music industry creates, manages and plays music on iPads; telemedicine is showing promise in mobile exchange; and a number of field professionals are using apps to make their jobs easier and to streamline information. It’s real-time communications at its best and gaining more value out of the mobile experience.

On the WebRTC front, users are seeking out solutions that enable peer-to-peer networks that are secure, reliable and standards-based. The applications extend throughout the customer service realm, while companies can benefit as well as any organization aiming to enable real-time collaboration without complexity. At the same time, gamers are finding they can cut a few corners and get right to the fun without loading new apps or plugins, building multiplayer experiences with opponents around the world.

We also no longer need to work the 9-5 schedule, travel while working is optional and we always have the devices at our fingertips to allow us to interact, make decisions, complete transactions and more.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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