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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Mobile, Telecommuting & Gender Equality at Work

September 12, 2015

Real time communications are quickly becoming the most sought after type of communications—because it means being the most current and up to date regardless of location. Whether its information about your health provided to a doctor at a distance or just a way to connect with a colleague to collaborate across borders—the technology has quickly become requested by many.

This week, with CTIA in full swing, the theme of mobile communications and the increasingly real-time aspect being added to this communications platform was central in many news headlines.

A Special Guest feature by Harjot Sidhu, VP of Consulting at Vox Mobile, looked at the ways companies today will need to change their mobile plans if they would like to compete and win in the 21st century. That includes shifting their approach from tactical to strategic to transformative.

Along with CTIA, another big mobile focus this week was on what Apple would unveil as part of its yearly product announcement. As more and more users demand and change over to mobile-only use—the world is starting to see smartphones replace standard computing platforms and, according to Doug Mohney, this will be the reality in the next five to ten years.

One place that mobile is really making its mark is in the workplace. More and more employees are using BYOD policies and Work from Home capabilities as an opportunity to use their smartphones to do just about everything they once needed a PC and an office desk to do.

An article from Mae Kowalke this week takes an interesting point of view that working from home, which was once allowed for a very specific type of worker—is starting to grow beyond just moms and millennials who would rather stay home.

“By some estimates, telecommuting has increased 79 percent between 2005 and 2012 and now makes up 2.6 percent of the American work force, or 3.2 million workers, according to the American Community Survey. If self-employed workers are included in the totals, it is now estimated that roughly 30 percent of the entire workforce telecommutes at least part of the time,” Kowalke wrote.

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If getting the boss to understand the benefits working for home could provide is the issue, then you’ll also want to check out and share “9 Signs You Should Let Your Employees Telecommute.”

Finally, two important events that focus on another key issue in the workplace will be taking place next week. They involve offering an opportunity for women who work in these technology and communications roles to feel empowered and equal in their job roles.

A Women in the Channel Networking event set for September 15 in California will focus on helping women learn ways to take control of their career and compete to win.

Also, Women in Communications Breakfast is being held during the NFV Everywhere Americas event in Dallas, Texas on September 16 that also advocates change and equality for women in the work place.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest Real Time Communications news as it happens. Until next week …  

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