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Celebration Time: Kandy Hits One Year Milestone

September 16, 2015

It’s been a sweet year for Kandy, GENBAND’s communications platform-as-a-service offering which was introduced one year ago today.

The offering brings together the simplicity of the Web and mobile applications and enterprise-grade real time communications to make it faster and more cost effective for developers to create communications applications. 

The Kandy platform now has more than 15 million users and has over 1,500 accounts, 50 ecosystems partners and innovative use cases that are constantly being added.

To make it ultra easy for developers, Kandy provides APIs and SDKs that can be used to quickly add real-time voice, video, presence, text and more to pre-built applications.

Paul Pluschkell, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services for GENBAND and Kandy Founder commented that the, “beauty and uniqueness of Kandy lies in the simplicity and speed-to-market it offers.”

“I like to compare Kandy to Netflix, who every day is adding value for their subscribers, whether it’s through their own original content or providing access to new movies coming online every day. Their model is simple; convenient; quick and more importantly it’s what subscribers want. Kandy, which we are constantly adding new features and functionalities to, allows each customer the ability to simply turn it on, enjoy the platform and build and add their own premium services as needed,” Pluschkell said.

The Kandy offering has already won numerous awards and recognition in this last year as well including being cited by Aragon Research in its 2015 Hot Vendor List for the ability to make it easy for anyone to embed real time communications into apps and business processes. WebRTC Conference in EXPO V also recognized Kandy as the “Best All Around Demo” at the event and thanks to this innovation, Kandy even helped GENBAND make it to the CNBC Disruptor 50 list this year.

Kandy partners include global brands like IBM, Deloitte and SAP and numerous customer deployments have brought  real-time communications capabilities for a better online shopping experience, live customer support, improved communications in the healthcare setting, and even to power the MindMe platform, one of the first real time communications enabled suicide prevention apps.

Not only was Kandy busy winning and helping customers and partners with their offerings, but the company also hosted a number of Kandy Throwdown events and hackathons as a way to give developers and software makers a chance to win prizes, test drive the offering and create even more compelling applications for the marketplace.

The company said it plans to offer an international hackathon across 24 major cities around the globe over the next year in partnership with major tech companies.

Happy one year anniversary Kandy and here’s to many more innovations.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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