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Carriers Hampered by Legacy Technologies

September 16, 2015

Mobile operators want to create new, revenue-generating services but their own legacy technologies are getting in the way, according to study carried out by business support systems (BSS) provider Openet.

The company surveyed more than 100 carriers found that they wanted to deliver real-time offers that they could use to upsell their customers, but have found their existing infrastructure much too inflexible.

“These findings highlight a real mismatch between positive intentions from the operator community to leverage all the advantages of targeted, real-time offers and the technical realties of making it happen,” said Barry Marron, GVP of marketing for Openet. “In an age of virtualized BSS technology, technology need no longer be an inhibitor to digital transformation and customer centricity.”

Carriers have found themselves playing catch-up to VoIP and other OTT services. These services are a lot more flexible, lacking the technological and regulatory baggage that conventional carriers have.

In the survey, 63 percent of operators said they thought it should take between one and seven days to generate personalized offers, but in reality it took 64 percent of them up to six months to do so.

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Still, a lot of carriers see hope. Fifty-seven percent felt prepared to deal with OTT threats by relying on the strength of their networks. They see their future revenue streams coming from adding multi-play packages, home automation and security to their existing lineups.

Still, 70 percent of carriers acknowledged that they were worse at customer engagement than OTTs.

Being able to stay relevant means upgrading their BSS.

“Operators recognize the latent value that exists in the networks they run and the data they can extract and analyze related to their customers’ behaviors,” Marron said. “This significant advantage will count for nothing however unless they use this data to create, target and monetize these digital services. This is critical virtualized BSS value-add.”

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