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Skywriter MD Selects Kandy Real Time Communications to Improve Patient Care

September 17, 2015

Having access to the right data sets in any industry can have positive outcomes for making the best decision regarding a particular issue. In the medical industry, the urgency of life and death situations places a higher value on the information healthcare professional need to carry out their duties. As information and communications technologies (ICT) continue to be integrated in the healthcare industry, access to critical data is becoming much easier. Skywriter MD, which provides real-time, virtual scribe services, has selected GENBAND’s Kandy communications platform-as-a-service offering to improve patient care experiences by helping physicians with real time, virtual Electronic Health Record (EHR) assistance services.

Skywriter MD is a platform which has been designed to lower the documentation burden medical professionals face with a real time, true and virtual medical scribe service. By reducing the amount of time doctors spend on the day to day paperwork of healthcare, it gives them more time to spend with their patients.

In choosing Kandy, a communications Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) real time software development platform, Skywriter will now have access to real time virtual EHR assistance services via voice, video, messaging and screen sharing.


By combining its technology with Kandy, its cloud-based software platform will have more communications tools. Physicians across a facility and different locations can now collaborate with an intuitive onscreen multimedia solution. As Skywriter is used to gather information by physicians documenting their consultations, treatment, diagnosis and other activities, they will now be able to securely-screen share EHRs and speak with certified remote healthcare Skywriters.

“Skywriter MD is transforming the role of traditional medical scribes by delivering real time virtual connectivity in a mode that best fits the physician’s needs,” said Paul Pluschkell, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services for GENBAND and Kandy Founder.

With real-time communications, organizations can get real-time results, and nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare industry. Locating patient information such as lab results, radiology images, procedure notes and historical records was a time consuming process that had to be done hours before a patient arrived. And if a mistake was made, the patient would have to wait or reschedule. By making the necessary EHR easily accessible with Skywriter and Kandy, that will be a thing of the past. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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