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WebRTC: It's Good for Customer Service

September 25, 2015

WebRTC can expand the possibilities of customer service. In fact, it’s doing just that today. However, it is early days for this technology, which obviously faces at least a few hurdles that it will have to overcome before it can enjoy more widespread adoption.

These were the overarching themes of a story posted last week by blogger Stewart Baines. He notes that WebRTC allows developers to easily embed audio and visual communications into browsers without the need for plug-ins. And he mentions a handful of WebRTC implementations.

Amazon, of which most folks who follow the WebRTC space are already aware, made the list. The company, he notes, allows users of its devices to reach customers service representatives with the touch of a button on these devices.

I might add that Facebook is another important WebRTC convert. The company is leveraging WebRTC to enable Chromebook users to launch video calls on its service without first having to install plugins.

Claris Healthcare and Regroup Therapy, Baines says, has put WebRTC to work so patients can more easily contact health care professionals. Coutts & Co. is another company leveraging WebRTC. It’s using it to allow its wealth managers and private bankers to offer personalized services more easily to their clients around the world. And Fluke, which sells field service solutions, uses WebRTC in its ShareLive video call solution, he adds.

Among the potentially gating factors to addition WebRTC adoption, according to Baines, are lack of support by Apple in its Safari browser; potential bandwidth constraints; and the absence of a mechanism to notify people they have incoming WebRTC communications, which he indicates will come in the future.

I might add that WebRTC also requires that both ends of the real-time interactions enabled by the technology need to be using WebRTC-capable browsers. 

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