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Kandy Ecosystem Adds a New Partner in Touchcode Master T+ink

September 30, 2015

GENBAND's Kandy has had no shortage of new membership in its ecosystem of late, and with each new member comes a little extra functionality for an already powerful system. In the most recent announcement, Kandy's ecosystem brought in T+ink, a company known for its use of conductive inks that takes everyday objects and turns these into parts of a much more powerful experience.

T+ink, backed up by systems integrator Vizicom, bring this new capability mainly to stores, where users get an exciting new option while walking the aisles. Customers, armed with smartphones or potentially tablets, can select a product card printed with T+ink's system, then touch the card to a webpage or application on the mobile device. After that, the product vendor's contact center emerges, where the call is routed to an expert in that product line. Customers no longer need to wait for a sales rep—that may not even have the necessary information to begin with—and can thus make a better informed purchase the consumer feels better about making. Even better, customers can get access to instructional videos demonstrating product features from the interface in some cases, which is even better for the user.


It's not just good news for the consumer, either, as the retailers and brands can gain valuable insight about what products are most often considered, purchased, and make some appropriate judgments about how to improve sales from there.

With Kandy in the mix, meanwhile, T+ink's service can get better access to real time communications capability, as well as access to a wider market. T+ink will reportedly be part of the KandyMobile exhibition, which is GENBAND's huge recreational vehicle stuffed full of Kandy features, showing potential users just what kinds of things can be done with the Kandy ecosystem. Early plans include a demonstration at a VIP event at Lightbox as the KandyMobile engages in its Fall 2015 tour. The T+ink team will be part of the KandyMobile tour for the next few months, reports note, as the KandyMobile hits Boston, Austin, and several other cities in between.

Kandy has long been a product that adds new capabilities from time to time, and watching Kandy grow and change thanks to a host of new partnerships and add-ons like those offered by T+ink is proving to be an exciting process. The more capability Kandy can add, the more valuable it will likely prove to be in the field as users discover the various uses that can be brought into play with Kandy.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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