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Amaryllo Launches iCare FHD Personal Network Security Camera

October 06, 2015

Amaryllo International B.V., a smart home services hardware developer, recently announced the launch of its iCare FHD network camera that allows caretakers and family members to keep in touch with their loved ones.

The iCare camera is part camera, part remote control. It continuously monitors its surroundings with a facial recognition algorithm to detect intruders, and it allows users in their homes to click the remote control to send video snapshots to their caretakers. The camera uses WebRTC to make recordings possible, saves all recordings in the cloud for a 24-hour period, and encrypts connections for the security of its users.

Stefan Mitzkus, a sales manager at Amaryllo, commented that the iCare device helps keep people safe.

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“Amaryllo is devoted to offering a new breed of smart urgent home care camera for everyone,” Mitzkus said. “iCare FHD makes people to live independently and safely.”

Amaryllo will demonstrate its new product this month at industry events for mass attendees and in private sessions for more interested buyers. The company indicates that it takes the physical and digital protection of its customers seriously.

The company helps provide physical security with the continuous environmental monitoring that iCare is built to handle. It scans the home for any sign of intrusion, and it is always ready to send video snapshots to caretakers connected remotely to the service. All customers who require constant monitoring can benefit from this automation and from the power they have in their hands. One click of the remote control is enough to trigger an alert to preset list of contacts.

The use of WebRTC also makes it simple for Amaryllo to invest in its digital security. Because WebRTC offers encryption as a default, use of that protocol can make it simple to enable direct connections to company cloud servers while also handling encryption as it connects. In addition to unlimited 24-hour storage, Amaryllo also offers plans for unlimited storage throughout the year, so no one is left without the security they desire.

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