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TokBox Streamlines Healthcare with WebRTC Platform

October 06, 2015

Simplifying the way healthcare professionals communicate with their patients and each other may begin to streamline the industry’s notorious communication problems. Most of the current propriety hardware and software solutions can’t be accessed by everyone, limiting the number of people that can benefit from the technology. The OpenTok Platform, created by TokBox, gives developers an easy way to embed live video, voice, messaging and screen sharing into websites, mobile applications and services.

The company will be demonstrating its WebRTC platform at the Health 2.0 9th Annual Fall Conference 2015 in Silicon Valley, giving industry insiders a look at how embedding real-time communications into web and mobile healthcare applications can have benefits across different segments of the industry.

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The company stated the OpenTok platform is currently powering healthcare applications in use in telehealth. Because WebRTC doesn’t require any plugins or propriety technology, doctors can get on their web enabled devices and start offering services to their patients no matter where they are. Telehealth is especially helpful in rural communities, where specialists are hard to find. Doctors can perform virtual consultations and video diagnosis. Once they have been treated, the technology can be used further for home-based care and monitoring.

The professional applications for healthcare workers includes collaboration and consultation, robotics and personal emergency response systems.

TokBox highlighted two organizations that are currently using browser-based solutions in healthcare to improve their communications and collaboration capabilities: InTheRoom and ResolutionMD.

InTheRoom uses video meetings for individuals with drug addiction and alcoholism. The organizations lets users join meeting as anonymous guests for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous no matter where they are.

On the other hand, ResolutionMD uses the technology to provide doctors with instant access to diagnostic-grade images and reports from web browsers and mobile devices.

"WebRTC is opening up a world of opportunity in healthcare. Services such as on-demand health advice, video diagnostics, real-time medical collaboration and telepresence robots are freeing up doctors rooms and relieving the burden of rising healthcare costs. We're proud to showcase some truly inspiring, engaging and potentially life changing applications of embedded communications in healthcare that TokBox enabling,” said TokBox CEO Scott Lomond.

The cost of healthcare is rising even if initiatives by the government are subsidizing services. Unless the change comes from within the industry, it won’t be a long term solution. But technology can make a dent if it is adopted universally and made available to everyone without any complications.

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