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SAP Revamps Customer Business Planning Application

October 08, 2015

SAP has augmented its trade management portfolio, optimizing their interface and services to provide meaningful, real time data.

The expansions are actually quite substantial, and the resulting new portfolio will offer better management capability over both nonpromoted and promoted product volume. With these new augmentations, the Customer Business Planning application will provide complete management over retail and omnichannel accounts, and do it all in real time.

Drawing on both the company's calendar and the retail accounts calendar, the Customer Business Planning tool can not only help with current levels tracking, but also match them against planning data for the immediate future as well. It can even mesh current data against a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help businesses see just how well things are going according to company predication and standard benchmarks.

There's even the potential to track based on achievement and return on investment (ROI), which is one of the most valuable business metrics because it qualifies both spending and return. By bringing all of these functions together in one place, the service allows users to take better advantage of the information that's yielded from the tracking.

Gartner research vice president Dale Hagemeyer had this to say about the release: “Solutions for managing trade-promotion-related activities continue to be very topical for CG companies. CG companies have realized that they need to improve their ability to look at promotional outcomes to drive more collaboration with retailers, better forecast volume and attempt to reduce overall trade-promotion spending rates.”

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Having the proper tools to conduct measurements is vital for the health of any business. While smaller businesses can accomplish most of these measurements with the checkbook, account statements and the Mark One Eyeball, larger businesses are likely to need further help. With much of the business world proceeding to an omnichannel environment, where there are a variety of different channels to monitor and appraise, that can make making decisions even tougher. But with tools like SAP's Customer Business Planning app, many of the key measurements can be made and presented in one place, making it thereby easier to put these measurements to work. Knowing what's being spent, and on what, and for what kind of return is exactly what businesses need to know—among a variety of other things—to make the best decisions.

Given the rapidly shifting landscapes businesses face, this should be a particularly welcome tool. Anything that can help businesses navigate their increasingly dynamic environments can make plenty of difference to a company’s bottom line. 

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