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Qubit Adds Features to Experience Management Platform

October 16, 2015

Qubit, developer of the data-driven Experience Management Platform, recently announced that it has added three new tools to that customer experience software.

In reaction to claims in the community that personalized customer experiences can only occur through analysis of data, Qubit has launched the Social Proof tool for real-time messaging, Voice of the Customer for analysis of customer feedback, and Product Recommendations to encourage users to explore more of a brand’s portfolio of products.

Graham Cooke, the founder and CEO of Qubit, has more about the Experience Management Platform’s functions:

“Delivering a personalized buying experience requires a very sophisticated data architecture focused around a golden record of the visitor. That can be costly, labor-intensive and can be rendered ineffective if you’re using a number of single point solutions that weren’t designed to work together,” Cooke said. “At Qubit we streamline and simplify the entire experience with our platform so businesses of all sizes can focus on making their big ideas a reality.”

Social Proof first allows businesses to receive notifications that reflect the actions of users on a commerce website. For agents in a call center, this gives them a prompt to immediately connect with those users and interact with them via Web chat. Agents can then help people through the checkout process or help troubleshoot their concerns regarding site navigation.

Voice of the Customers uses an analytics engine to dig deep into customer feedback. It uses keywords and other methodology to determine customer sentiment about a brand’s products. This tool can then show brands which products their customers are likely to recommend and which products need to be retooled.

Finally, Product Recommendations uses analytics to determine which products any individual customer may find worthwhile. It compares an individual’s past shopping history to figure out which new products could work best in the future.

These new features come alongside the release of Qubit Mobile, which uses A/B testing to help brands create personalized mobile experiences in their apps. Together, these applications have the potential to help brands create personal experiences for every customer, on any platform, according to their needs and histories.

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