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WebRTC Enables the Real-Time Customer Engagement Enterprises and Consumers Demand

October 19, 2015

Customer engagement is absolutely essential to success in today’s omnichannel consumer environment. For enterprises, that means being able to reach their customers and prospects in as many ways as possible, whether via the web, mobile applications or social media. The technology required to accomplish this level of engagement really isn’t all that important as far as enterprises are concerned, and yet it’s critical to providing the omnichannel support today’s customers demand.

That’s where CafeX Communications comes in, providing the technology that enables web and mobile engagement using self-service software, co-browsing solutions and WebRTC. The company mainly works with channel partners, including three of the top five contact center and unified communications (UC) vendors, who sell their offerings to the enterprise. Other partners include service providers, ISVs and system integrators.

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Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, got a chance to speak to Sajeel Hussain, CMO of CafeX, about the company’s goals at the recent On the Road Dallas 2015 event. According to Hussain, the company is heavily focused on using WebRTC to create real-time customer engagement solutions, with an emphasis on mobile and web applications that feature live engagement capabilities.

“What we believe is that mobile and web is going to be the face of customer engagement,” said Hussain. “And what we want to do is make it extremely simple to add real-time collaboration capability in mobile and web apps.”

He added that WebRTC is becoming increasingly embraced, particularly from a web perspective as the large browsers all support it. Acceptance from the enterprise, however, is not really a priority as far as CafeX is concerned.

“Enterprises don’t really care about WebRTC as a technology,” said Hussain. “A lot of the enterprises are more focused on delivering outcomes.” Enabling those interactions and outcomes is what CafeX specializes in. “From a technology perspective, WebRTC is a great play to enable the sort of plugin-less communication from your browsers and mobile devices.”

To learn more about CafeX and how the company is using WebRTC to drive self-service and customer engagement solutions, check out the full interview below:

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