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Are You Ready for the Digital Transformation?

October 20, 2015

The world is racing towards a digital transformation, whether we’re along for the ride or not. While there are certain companies and consumers fighting the trend, the reality is that all will eventually either need to jump on board or get quickly left behind. The old way of doing things will no longer prove to be efficient, productive or even satisfying for the customer base – save for those few who still want the non-digital approach to life. This is real-time communications at its best and we have to be ready.

The challenge in being ready, however, is that not all players fully understand or agree on what the digital transformation actually means and how to make it a success. A recent article by Information Age addresses this issue, suggesting that the transformation can be viewed as an integration of all social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies. Such an approach can allow for the replacement of legacy systems that create bottlenecks, resulting in an organization that is both agile and secure.

The overall goal is differentiation through customer service and increased business efficiency. With real-time communications, for instance, you can create personalized content, experiences, pricing, recommendations, service and more. Processes can be put in place for deeper insight into preferences, interactions, context and even location. Deeper insights allow for more meaningful interactions, resulting in higher loyalty and advocacy. At the same time, insight also allows for the creation of streamlined processes that reduce the cost of doing business.

To leverage the benefits of the digital transformation, there are a few things that need to be put in place. Any strategy you develop and adopt, no matter how innovative or promising, must align with your business vision. It must also offer an implementation road map and a series of connected initiatives that allow you to achieve your goals. In the process, you need to assess your digital capabilities so you know where to fill in the gaps and leverage your current IT investments and systems in the process. For full implementation, you have to get the whole team on board from the beginning so that no one department is leading the charge.

When you implement the steps correctly and embrace the digital transformation as an opportunity for your organization, you better position all players for success. To expand on this topic for the operator, real-time communications solutions provider, GENBAND is scheduled to participate in Futurecom in Sao Paulo from Oct. 26 - 29. Sanjay Bhatia, Vice President, Solutions Marketing & Strategy will participate in Panel # 9 - SDN and NFV: Challenges for Increasing Efficiency of Networks. The panel will discuss how to meet the need for increased efficiencies in network performance when implementing and optimizing virtualization technology, the cloud, SDN, NFV and more. As operators need to implement and leverage flexible networks to support real-time communications in the digital transformation, this topic continues to gain momentum.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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