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nuPSYS, Moxtra Partner to Advance Communications in Network Management

October 21, 2015

nuPSYS, a developer of network management software, has begun collaborating with Moxtra, a company that produces real-time collaboration software. The two companies will create the nu-Collaborate software that combines the power of nuPSYS’s nuGEN network management platform with Moxtra’s communications tools and collaboration software development kit.

The end result, nu-Collaborate, will allow enterprise clients to examine and troubleshoot their networks. While doing so, individual IT personnel can speak to one another in real time through desktop and mobile devices.

Dmitry Bokotey, the founder and chief technology officer at nuPSYS, commented on how Moxtra acts as a social network inside of nuGEN.

“Integrating Moxtra into nuGEN creates a unique set of capabilities for managing and trouble-shooting networks,” Bokotey said. “Like a business-class social media within nuGEN, Moxtra enables live interactions between network & IT teams, dramatically improving speed of trouble-shooting including optimal resource allocations.”

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The available communications tools do not stop at voice communication. Moxtra provides everything necessary for voice, video, conferencing, and creation of printable documents and digital annotations. IT personnel can even share screens to help troubleshoot any issue they find with their networks.

Aside from enterprises with their own IT teams, managed service providers also stand to benefit from this development. From their own position, managed service providers have a vantage point to see all their clients’ networks, but it can be hard for them to get a real-time visual of problems that could face those clients in remote locations. The inclusion of Moxtra communications tools with network services can make those troubleshooting episodes much easier by leveraging voice and video.

All told, this partnership between nuPSYS and Moxtra concludes just one in a line of enterprise partnerships nuPSYS has recently completed. Its present focus on financial institutions, manufacturing, infrastructure, and government entities shows where its new partnerships could head, and its attention to real-time communications shows exactly how these clients will benefit from the adoption of nuGEN.

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