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UberConference Integration with Salesforce has Disruptive Potential

October 22, 2015

Switch recently announced that it developed an integration solution that connects its UberConference product with SalesForce. The objective of this solution is to help salespeople access information about a prospect or customer during presentations, thus leading to more productive meetings.

San Francisco-based Switch Communications, Inc. was originally known as Firespotter Labs, which released UberConference, a cloud-based conferencing system, back in 2012. The company also develops, a cloud-based business phone system.

A video produced by Switch serves as a two-minute horror story about the problems of typical conferencing solutions: difficulties setting the call up; the use of long PIN numbers; not knowing who’s on the call and when they arrive; and the embarrassment from having a private discussion with the wrong people being able to listen in.

UberConference is designed to solve these problems with a UI that lets attendees know who’s speaking, facilitates collaboration, allows screen and document sharing, and is accessible through mobile apps.

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The integration of UberConference with Salesforce is designed to address some of the problems that come with sales calls. All too often, salespeople focus too heavily on their products or services when making presentations to prospective buyers.

One of the most quoted experts in sales, Zig Ziglar, once said, “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Businesses want to know what a product or service can do to help them more than they want to be impressed with awesome features. When salespeople don’t make that connection, it’s hard to make a deal.

The combination of UberConference and Salesforce lets salespeople be more informed about customers. In fact, it’s something they can do on the fly. For example, you can hover a mouse over pictures of the meeting participants on the screen. This causes information about that person to display, information that can be very helpful to asking relevant questions that close more sales.

UberConference and have the ability to be disruptive by themselves. Switch has made both services easy to use and they have a simple and affordable pricing scheme that is very competitive. The Salesforce integration is yet another great reason use UberConference. Once word gets around about Switch’s products, it’s hard to imagine the company failing to develop a loyal following.

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