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Smart IMS Buys Atlas: Better Managed Services, More Cloud on the Way

October 22, 2015

Helping businesses to achieve their goals has been the long time vision for Atlas Communications Technology. The New York-based company which provides private, secure, hosted communications as a service has been in business for the last eighteen years doing just that.

The recent push by so many businesses to the ‘as-a-service’ model has really brought forth the benefits in what the company was doing for mid-market and even large enterprises.

Being on this cutting edge, and performing at a high standard of excellence, didn’t go unnoticed. The company has announced it was acquired in a deal with Smart IMS, a N.J.-based technology services firm providing managed services for Fortune 500 enterprises across many industries for the last twenty years.

Smart IMS had already been in a successful joint venture with Atlas called ‘Atlas Smart IMS’ (ASIMS) and has now merged Atlas and ASIMS into its portfolio - allowing it to offer a comprehensive range of real time communications solutions including network engineering and infrastructure offerings, applications development management and independent QA/QC, as well as cloud-based and fully managed services.

Amar Reddy, CEO at Smart IMS noted that Atlas’ cloud and UC capabilities were a natural extension to the company’s services and provided exactly what it missing to be able to serve clients better.

“This combination makes us one of the few companies that can truly understand from a user point of view and better provide what our clients need to succeed.”

Indrajit “I.G.” Ghosh, who will transition from being Atlas’ CTO to CEO of Atlas ConnX and ASIMS, said that the acquisition by Smart IMS has naturally enhanced how Smart IMS delivers end-to-end services for clients.

“What Atlas now does, is help them to embed real time communications into workflows and business applications. It’s also answering to the current trend of everything moving to software and applications with NFV and SDN.”

“We feel everything in the future is going to be delivered via software. We now have a compelling differentiator in the marketplace to serve vendor partners and customers making the leap into virtualization or looking to have more software-as-a-service.”

The combined portfolio will include physical infrastructure, network engineering and management, enterprise applications development and management, software defined networking (SDN), embedded real time communications services, and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). 

What truly differentiates the latest combination and what it provides to the market is a focus on security and privacy needed by enterprises. As services that can be accessed from anywhere and any device are being delivered, the focus on security and reliability remains.

“This is what differentiates us from the whole market,” I.G. said. “We are catering to a client base that cares about performance, reliability and security - the industries that are regulated, care about compliance, have to adhere to security policies, and must provide a really reliable service to the end user.”

The Smart IMS acquisition will extend its reach into cloud offerings through Atlas’ innovative Atlas ConnX brand of products and will make it possible to deliver projects from conception to completion and then follow with ongoing monitoring and management.

“What is happening in the industry right now is that everyone wants to do cloud and get into applications. But they need to go to numerous different vendors to get everything they need and then have to coordinate with all of them. With this acquisition and combination, we’re able to deliver the infrastructure they need with the right applications and handle everything from checking user experiences to ensure the customer lifecycle and provide support to the client. It’s really allowing us to take care of the full product lifecycle,” Amar said.

Both company teams will be consolidating into one location at Smart IMS' global headquarters in Plainsboro, N.J. and I.G. will be the CEO of Atlas ConnX and ASIMS, the brands focused on Cloud and Managed Services respectively, which will operate as separate brands, within Smart IMS. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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