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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Good Technology, Switch, Smart IMS

October 24, 2015

If you came looking for developments in the real time communications sector this week, then you definitely came to the right place. This week brought an abundance of news, and now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to boil that news down into useful insight for next week. To make that process a little simpler, we've got our Week in Review coverage all ready to go!

First we had a look at mobile growth in the Latin American market. A host of factors came together to drive growth in the region, including bringing connections to the previously unconnected, increasing mobile banking opportunities in the region, and the increasing popularity of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The region itself represents more opportunity still, as Brazil alone is considered the fifth-largest market for subscribers, overtaking Japan for the number four slot by 2016.

Next came the concept of the “collaborteam,” a portmanteau of “collaborative team”. With unified communications (UC) on the rise, and a variety of communications tools coming out of that, the idea that these would be put to use to make teams better communicate and develop projects in collaborative efforts makes sense. With tools from Slack to Talko to even Dropbox bringing out tools in the collaborteam vein, we'll likely see much more movement in that direction before much longer.

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Good Technology came in next with a plan to give healthcare providers some extra help. Its new Collaboration Suite will give healthcare organizations better access to electronic medical records (EMR) systems. With better access to records, it reduces the amount of time needed to find and put said records to use, which makes the entire system better streamlined. A streamlined system consumes fewer resources, on average, and reduces stress, making for a better overall customer experience.

Then, Switch noted it had developed a means to connect its UberConference system to SalesForce. This is just the latest development for Switch, but it's also one that has a lot of potential to shake up the market. With UberConference connected to SalesForce, reports note, sales reps will be able to get more information about customers during presentations. That means more tailored presentations, better resonance with clients, and improved chances of making sales.

Finally, Smart IMS bought Atlas in a deal that would help drive cloud development and “as-a-service” delivery models. Smart IMS had previously been seen working with Atlas as part of the Atlas Smart IMS joint venture, and with this purchase, Smart IMS was ready to take things that much further. The combined portfolio will bring several developments forward, from software defined networking (SDN) to embedded real time communications services and beyond.

That was the week in real time communications, and with it came developments enough for a week and a half or more. Our global online community was right at the heart of it all, bringing back the best in news. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest, and every weekend as well for our Week in Review coverage!

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