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GENBAND to Display Portfolio at Industry Conference

October 28, 2015

GENBAND, a developer of real-time communications software, will participate in an industry conference this week to display its portfolio of communications products.

Company Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Joggerst commented about GENBAND’s excitement to have the chance to participate in Futurecom, which will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil for four days, beginning on the 26th. While there, GENBAND will have the opportunity to share with attendees its Kandy, Smart Office, fring OTT, SPiDR WebRTC gateway, real time communications client, and Nuvia cloud service.

Kandy acts as a real-time communications software platform that businesses can purchase as a subscription. It will give them access to voice, video, and Web chat alongside a number of other collaboration tools. Smart Office takes this capability up a step by giving voice callers the opportunity to immediately transfer voice calls to video calls without dropping the connection. It uses WebRTC and offers screen sharing as part of the package.

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fring OTT gives companies more customization options by handing them a white-label over-the-top video service that can handle mobile and desktop voice and video chat. Companies can brand fring to however they please. In addition, service providers can also make use of the Nuvia cloud service and brand their own cloud that handles delivery of unified communications tools.

Businesses in the game of service delivery can use the SPiDR gateway to handle delivery of voice, video, and data to their subscribers. It handles all communication inside of a Web browser for ease of customer use.

The GENBAND real-time communications client takes many of the capabilities listed above – voice, video, collaboration – and pairs them with the instant messaging and presence features found in Microsoft Lync. This client also works in the Web browser to give clients simple access to all their necessary communications tools.

Joggerst called this week’s event a “strategic show,” which could mean that it holds a lot of leverage for GENBAND as a company. It will likely use this time to speak with many of its existing clients about the potential of new products. Furthermore, this should make for a good staging point for reaching new customers in attendance from around the globe.

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