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gMobile Weeds Out Malevolent Mobile Customers

October 29, 2015

Mobile commerce has created a wealth of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, but with that growth comes increased risk of fraud and data theft. To address this issue and allow businesses to effectively grow their mobile customer base without fear, GIACT, a company specializing in risk management services, just introduced a new solution called gMobile.

gMobile extends the company’s security expertise to mobile marketplaces by finding links between customers, devices and orders, but can also be applicable to web and call center platforms. This real-time verification process covers more than 94 percent of mobile users across all major carriers and gives companies the assurance they need that every new customer is legitimate and not a potential liability.

gMobile draws data from multiple sources to ensure the most accurate interpretation possible while minimizing any impact on the customer’s experience; if a consumer feels as though a company is being too mistrustful and making their life more difficult, they’re very likely to take their business elsewhere. It’s essential to please every new or potential customer, especially when growing a business and even more especially when expanding into a mobile customer base. GIACT prioritized ensuring a balance between security and a frictionless customer experience so that gMobile can bestow its benefits upon everyone except illegitimate parties.

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Geared to be as flexible as possible, the solution works with any method of payment, is incredibly easy to implement and can work seamlessly with other GIACT payment risk management solutions. It’s adaptable to fit most situations and use cases so that a wide variety of organizations can benefit from gMobile’s substantial security enhancements. A vital tool for taking advantage of growth opportunities, gMobile is an essential addition to any company’s ecommerce or mcommerce operations.

“As mobile commerce has exploded, companies are spending more and more to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of their customer interactions,” said Merlin Bise, Co-founder and CTO of GIACT. “Not only can mitigating payment risk be expensive, it can also be difficult to implement and cause frustration on the part of the end customer. gMobile is an elegant, cost-effective solution — available and fully operational today — that satisfies the requirements of both the company and customer in the fast-growing world of mobile commerce and beyond.”

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