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ITEXPO Demo Links Retail Customers with Real-Time Solution

November 03, 2015

The needs of the connected enterprise today help sustain the demand for software services tomorrow. Companies like MERA Software Services deliver outsourced software development for the ICT industry. The company’s foundation is its solid basis for joint research and development initiatives with solution vendors and equipment manufacturers of all sizes to meet the growing and changing demands of a dynamic marketplace.

To that end, the company focuses on projects in a wide range of complexities, including the development of firmware, drivers, etc., as well as application layer development for a variety of standards and specialized embedded software and hardware platforms. With market-unique experience, MERA Software Services works with the likes of Ericsoon, Tieto, Avaya, Ascom and many others.

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At the recent ITEXPO event in Anaheim, MERA Software Services’ Michael Dundon was on-hand to demo one of the company’s latest innovations – a video for retail solution. The shopper who needs a product in the store and needs more information before making a purchase solution will typically look for a product expert or employee. When that individual can’t be found, he or she can walk up to a kiosk which will offer icons for barcode lookup or direct connection with a live agent.

In the TMC newsroom with Rich Tehrani, Dundon explains, “When they do the barcode it brings up content on that product. It then allows them to launch a video called Out to an Expert and share rich content, collaboration materials and even launch that entire video conference out to their smartphone so they can walk away with it in play.”

This technology allows for the use of experts in every store without having to employ an expert in every store. Customers can connect directly with the product or subject-matter expert when needed. If the expert isn’t on the line, they don’t need to be paid for work that isn’t being done. They also have the flexibility to work from anywhere, as long as they can be ready to take a call when needed. It’s a win-win.

The concept is speaking to the demands of the millennials for sure. These individuals are more tech-savvy shoppers, and they’re also much more informed about a product they want to buy. They don’t always want to deal directly with a live person, but they want the option available when the need arises. Giving them the power to determine when and where they seek out that expertise is significant.

To learn more about MERA Software Services and its latest retail video platform, check out the video below: 

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