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Tech Revolutionizing Automotive Care Industry

November 04, 2015

The automotive industry is using digital technology, including telepresence, to improve customer service in surprising ways, according to Automotive Megatrends Magazine.

While some modern car breakdowns are all but impossible for the amateur garage mechanic to fix due to the sophisticated digital and software systems they employ, the actual repair process is being helped by technology as well. Hyundai has launched the Workshop Automation service to help keep customers happy when they bring their cars back to the dealer for repairs.

Customers can keep track of their repair status on tablet devices, as well as receive information on kiosks.

“Digital technology is a growing and increasingly important part of customer’s interactions with all brands… Customers are increasingly time poor, their expectations of automotive retailers continues to increase,” Hyundai aftersales director for the company’s UK operations told Megatrends.

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Audi has taken a different approach to use technology to improve customer service. Instead of just using technology to show repair status, it’s using technology to actually repair the cars. The company has created Audi Robotic Telepresence, which lets technicians troubleshoot problems remotely using robots that actually perform the repairs.

“Time spent on the phone and with email exchanges is reduced. Diagnoses can be quicker since the remote expert sees what the local technician sees. Correct repair processes can be visually verified. And most importantly for the dealership, service bays are not tied up waiting for factory help,” Ned Semonite, Vice President, Products and Marketing at VGo, told Megatrends.

Telepresence is showing up in other fields, such as medicine and finance, where there are a small number of skilled people, significant time constraints, and a lot of demand in different locations. Telepresence means people such as doctors, technicians and financial advisors can offer advice without having to travel.

Telepresence could radically change customer service, making it cheaper and more consistent, as it will be easier to have the experts in one place.

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