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Huge Gains Ahead for Mobile Workforce Market

November 06, 2015

Anecdotally, we’ve long known that the mobile workforce is growing, and has been for some time. For those who want harder proof, a new report from should do the job; it projects a market growth rate of over 28 percent until 2019.

The WiseGuyReports report in question—titled “Global Mobile Workforce Solution Market 2015 – 2019”—illustrates the rise the market's preparing for, and some of what it will encounter along the way. Projections suggest that the mobile workforce will reach a combined worldwide total of 1.2 billion people worldwide by the end of 2016, and that in turn will be better than a third—36 percent—of the globe's entire workforce.

That's an opportunity for those providing mobile solutions to step in and illustrate how a particular product or service can help address the mobile workforce. Leading overall development, reports suggest, is the workflow solutions space, which is set to lead the way in market growth until 2019.

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Additionally, the report noted that Asia-Pacific (APAC) region countries would see the biggest growth in mobile workforce operations—particularly countries like China, India and Singapore—while the United States would see a slower growth in that same time frame. Vendors are also said to be putting a particular focus on security, as a mobile workforce requires access to several key business processes that must be protected.

It's not surprising to see huge growth set in the mobile workforce solutions space, because the mobile workforce is gaining ground as an actual working tool. With businesses realizing the value of a workforce that can be on at most any time of day while costing less money, using a mobile workforce is likely starting to seem like a real value driver. Throw in the impact of reduced physical plant and property expenses—lower utility bills, lower groundskeeping and maintenance costs, and the like—along with a workforce that can better integrate its own life into the workday for improved morale and the end result must seem attractive. 

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