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A Shakeup in Telepsychiatry Leaves 1DocWay in Genoa's Hands

November 12, 2015

Telepsychiatry—and most breeds of telemedicine—may be the biggest new advancements in the real time communications corridor. The market is even starting to see its own string of mergers and acquisitions, with Genoa, part of QoL Healthcare, making one such move in picking up 1DocWay.

1DocWay customers won't notice much of a difference at first, according to reports. The reports suggest that the offerings that go directly to the consumer will still be offered under the 1DocWay brand, while those services offered at the enterprise level will be had under the Genoa Telepsychiatry brand. This will allow for an even mix, creating a consumer-facing brand that isn't common in the field. At the same time, the brand will offer clear value for the facility-based partnerships that 1DocWay enjoyed, including hospitals, community health centers, and clinics.

Further reports suggest that 1DocWay was particularly impressed with Genoa's vision for driving improvements in behavioral health, along with its doctrine of putting patients first. 1DocWay expects that its new connection to Genoa will help drive growth, as well as reach many more patients than it would have without Genoa's support.

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Telemedicine has long benefitted from advancements in real time communications. In many ways, the real time communications field is the platform from which telemedicine could really get going. Recently, we've seen how schools in Utah are taking advantage of telepsychiatry by bringing in the Kubi line of telepresence robots, and it's far from the only example.  Even some Rite Aid locations are getting access to telemedicine kiosks where users can get quick answers to health issues.

While telemedicine in its largest sense is still coming into its own, some medical require nothing more than an Internet connection and real time communications. Telepsychiatry may be one of the best examples, and so this part of the market can mature faster than its contemporaries. This is likely only the beginning of merger and acquisition activity in the market, as demonstrated by Genoa and 1DocWay.

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