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FCR Vital to Customer Retention

November 13, 2015

Today’s technology enables customers to interact with the companies they do business with anytime, and vice versa. This has raised the standard of customer service, and customer expectations are at an all-time high. Real time communications, such as WebRTC are making it possible to deliver on those expectations.

For call centers this means using WebRTC to deliver one of the most important metrics in the industry: First Call Resolution (FCR). Put simply, FCR is addressing the customer's need the first time they call, so they won’t have to follow up with a second call. An FCR with high resolution rates indicates satisfied customers, which translates to a more efficient call center. 

A blog on revealed FCR rates have dropped 14 percent in the past five years, which has been responsible for customer frustration and dissatisfaction. This has increased the operational cost of call centers by 30 percent because customers are having to call two, three or more times to resolve their problem.

The more the same customer calls, the more resources are used in the call center. This unleashes a chain of events in which fewer agents are available to answer the calls of other customers. Customers then hang up, and in a worst case scenario finding another company. The same blog showed a market study in which 30 percent of customers who have a poor FCR experience leave a company for its competitors that is almost one in three.

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The benefit of using WebRTC is it introduces voice and video to the conversation consumers are having with call centers. Any device with a WebRTC-compliant browser can be used to get a face-to-face between participants and deliver higher FCR rates.

A real-world case example is American Express. The company found 67 percent of its customers preferred to use WebRTC two-way video option. The result was a 17 percent increase in FCR over customer that chose the traditional audio-only option.

Unlike other propriety solutions for real-time communications, WebRTC is an open source platform anyone can use. It doesn’t require additional plugins, which lets consumers and call centers to communicate immediately just like a telephone, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

First call resolution rates is just one of the benefits of WebRTC, call centers can see improvement in customer experience, lower costs, better engagement experience, easy omni-channel adoption and more. 

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