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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bolste, Microsoft, 1DocWay

November 14, 2015

The flood of news surrounding real time communications never stops pouring. Now that we've got a chance to catch our breath with a weekend on hand, let's get to higher ground and check out the week that was with our Week in Review coverage!

First, Bolste's CEO Leif Hartwig brought out the first piece of news with a look at how businesses would need to adjust in 2016 to generate a truly effective mobile workforce. Real time communications tools would be vital to such an effort, naturally, but with IDC estimating over 72 percent of the United States being part of the mobile workforce by 2020, it was a development to consider. Hartwig suggested starting to look more closely at the use of mobile technology, bolstering the intranet, and putting a focus on a zero-message inbox.

Next we looked at the real time locations systems market. A report from Transparency Market Research suggested this market would gain at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.5 percent through 2020. With such tools being used worldwide for a host of different purposes, from tracking assets to tracking people, reasons behind this stellar growth pattern were readily apparent.

Microsoft stepped in next, bringing a new slate of services to Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) developers. With a slate of application programming interfaces (APIs) ranging from voice and video processing to even some natural language processing, formerly resistant Microsoft is poised to be a major supplier in WebRTC advancement. Perhaps the biggest of these is Project Oxford, the machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) system that can use visual recognition to measure responses based on facial expression.

Then telepsychiatry got a shakeup as 1DocWay was adopted by Genoa, a part of QoL Healthcare. While there won't be much change for regular 1DocWay users—the enterprise services will be rebranded Genoa Telepsychiatry—the new Genoa operation will carry on delivering psychiatry services by remote for a host of different users, from clinics to hospitals and beyond. Telepsychiatry has made huge gains of late, so seeing merger and acquisition activity in the market just proves that this is a maturing field.

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Finally, GfK stepped in with new research saying that half of U.S consumers believe that smart home products will have an impact on their lives in years to come. Said consumers actually thought smart home products would have more weight than wearable devices or even cloud computing systems in years to come. With several product classes making up the smart home market, from energy and lighting to even entertainment, it was easy to see where this field would have such impact.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and a busy week in the field it was. Our global online community fought hard to bring back all the best in news for us to consider. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest from this field, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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