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GENBAND's fring Offers NIFTY Mobile New Opportunity

November 16, 2015

Over-the-top (OTT) opportunities have a weird reputation; some see them as huge opportunities, while others see a potential disaster of business-shattering proportions. For Japan's NIFTY, a major mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), OTT means opportunity, and it's turned to GENBAND's fring to help make it happen.

NIFTY turned to GENBAND to help drive NIFTY's new voice solution, dubbed NifMo-Denwa. With NifMo-Denwa, NIFTY no longer offers just a data service, but can provide services like two-way video chatting as well as mobile group video chat, voice calling, or even text-based chatting. These expanded services can be offered directly over NIFTY's own network, and the result is a more robust network package that gives users more freedom and autonomy.

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NIFTY's general manager of its network service division, Shinji Miura, noted that customers were always eager for new experiences. Businesses like NIFTY therefore needed to find new ways to deliver these solutions. Miura further noted that fring was just the tool for the job, allowing NIFTY to bring out its own set of branded solutions rapidly and easily, enabling the company to live up to its promise to its users: “With Us, You Can.”

GENBAND was likewise pleased with NIFTY's move, as expressed by its senior vice president of Asia-Pacific (APAC) sales, David O'Connor. O'Connor noted that NIFTY's use of fring was just one more sign that fring—along with GENBAND's various other services—could provide the basis from which communications service providers (CSPs) could offer the best in new services without having to build such from scratch.

It's an old condition, but one that bears repeating: new services mean new value, as customers get access to these new services and put such to use. Sometimes customers didn't even know that such services were on hand or would be desirable, but discover that the new services are indispensable. Other times, customers are getting access to long-sought services, and the new services become the reason for said customers to stick around. New services generally mean customer retention, the potential for positive word-of-mouth, and the likewise potential for new customers to follow. It's not always a one-for-one relationship, and sometimes too many new features can confuse customers and leave such eager for a “simpler” method. Even here, there's opportunity for the astute provider to step in with a “plain vanilla” setup that provides minimal services in a simplified package, keeping customers and engendering a better customer experience.

Essentially, the more options a company—particularly an MVNO like NIFTY—can offer, the better the chances are of striking a chord with customers. Those who don't offer these options are likely to lose business to those who will, and it's systems like GENBAND's fring that help make options a lot easier to offer.

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