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KANDY Director Offers Update on the PaaS

November 17, 2015

GENBAND’s KANDY – a platform-as-a-service that allows service providers to expose network resources for use by developers building real-time communications into their applications – has 15 million users and more than 50 ecosystem partners.

SAP is one of the biggest customers of KANDY, which it has OEMed, Santhana Krishnasamy, KANDY director of product management, told me last week at TMC Editor’s Day Silicon Valley. KANDY is also working with many communications services providers as well as independent software vendors, he said.

For example, the CSP known as Masergy used KANDY to enable click-to-call for customer support both within its organization and offered as a service to other businesses, Krishnasamy said. Meanwhile, an ISV named Skywriter MD has leveraged KANDY to build an application that navigates electronic health records, enters discrete data into the EHR’s progress notes and history and physical examinations, executes tasks, and writes orders as directed – all saving physicians valuable time.

KANDY continues to be expanded with new capabilities, said Krishnasamy. Recently added features include group messaging, screensharing, and new KANDY tutorials through which users can quickly create small sample apps. Next on the agenda will be adding new audioconferencing, contact center, multiparty, and videoconferencing functionality. And in an effort to reach out to as many developers and interest groups as possible, KANDY is available for Drupal, PhoneGap, Salesforce, and WordPress.

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As discussed in the October 2014 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, a TMC publication, KANDY enables businesses to connect with their customers in the places they choose to be and work, and it allows them expedite the introduction real-time communications features in the interfaces of their choice by providing an array of network resources in easy-to-use building blocks. Adding real-time communications to an application has traditionally required specialized skills, but KANDY’s APIs, SDKs, and Quick Starts helps simplify that process. Importantly, it also allows communications service providers to insert themselves into the over-the-top application value chain.

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