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UC Security: Hidden Risks that No One Wants to Talk About

November 20, 2015

Unified Communications has been all the rage in 2015. While the concept and the technology have been around for a while – especially for companies with a focus on tech that have understood the benefits of communications via IP, within the last year – it has really exploded further into more industries and markets. This is thanks to faster high quality Internet connections, improvements in technology and a growing user base that is better educated on technology convergence.  

Along comes Avotus Corporation, which has been providing call accounting and usage reporting solutions for voice customers for over 30 years.  Armed with this experience, Avotus developed expertise in the new VoIP and UC platforms while integrating with many of the major UC providers such as GENBAND, Cisco and Broadsoft. Avotus engineers quickly determined that many UC platforms held misunderstood risks, which are putting Enterprises in harm’s way.

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These risks include; litigation, security breaches, regulatory non-compliance and employee abuse. Avotus spells out these risks in detail in a free white paper making the rounds among many CIOs and Chief Security Officers. Recently Avotus launched its Enhanced Usage Reporting for Unified Communications software aimed at assisting enterprises, platform providers and carriers with mitigating these risks.  

Avotus CEO James Martino recently sat down to talk about these developments in an interview with Dean Perrine on JSA TV.

Martino said that when it became apparent companies were not properly addressing the inherent risks involved with UC, Avotus used its knowledge from years in the industry to create a solution called Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR). This platform he explained, not only helps corporations avoid these potential risks, but also helps them deploy UC solutions in a way that maximizes productivity and profitability.  “We are big proponents of the UC movement but we are also big proponents of our hundreds of enterprise clients. Our position is that all UC deployments need to be married to an Enhanced Usage Reporting platform such as EUR,” he said.

Martino also pointed out that many of the security risks which plague both the corporate and government sector are rooted in internal lapses and susceptibility. “I can’t go a week without hearing news of another breach, loss of data or litigation proceeding taking center stage. The investment in firewalls and outsider threat prevention is not matched with equal vigor regarding internal risks. Now UC systems get installed without a robust reporting engine and it exacerbates the problem.”

Avotus’ EUR UC platform provides big data capture, analytics and reporting across the full UC suite of services including; Voice, Mobile, Presence, Conferencing, Video and Instant Messaging. With its recently announced venture with Trustsphere, clients can add email and Relationship Analytics to their overall solution. 

Furthermore, the need for monitoring is now making its way down to the employee level for companies that really want to remain secure and compliant. The ability to know exactly what’s happening over the corporate network down to an employee level (things like screen-sharing private data over video conferences or inappropriate instant messaging) has really become important for companies that want to avoid potential risks and harm.

So what is the next move for companies that have UC in place but want to sure they are secure?  First UC Platform providers and distribution carriers and resellers need to bundle in Enhanced Usage Reporting with every UC sale because it is damaging to introduce avoidable risks into the enterprise.  Second, existing users need to immediately install EUR on their UC platforms to mitigate these risks. Clients can contact Avotus direct or purchase EUR via their UC platform provider due to Avotus’ extensive integration with the provider community.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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