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Team on the Run Launches WebChat Tool with WebRTC

November 23, 2015

Team on the Run offers a number of software communications and file sharing tools that help keep enterprise employees productive. Its latest WebChat tool uses WebRTC to handle communications directly in the Web browser.

The primary capability of Team on the Run WebChat is that it can handle a number of types of source communications – both voice-over-IP calls and push-to-talk conversations – and keep them centralized in a compatible browser. It allows for reliable receipt and return messages to users who use those protocols, which may find other various uses within a single enterprise.

Such VoIP and push-to-talk communications can come from the Team on the Run mobile app that was announced this past April. In that announcement, the company said its primary focus was on dispersed workers who may be in several locations throughout the work day. On Android, iOS, and in a Web-based desktop client, users can send encrypted texts, transfer secure files, initiate voice calls, and use their smartphones as a walkie-talkie.

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In essence, the smartphone becomes a central hub of an individual’s communications capabilities. That is exactly what businesses look for when they decide to adopt communications tools; they want everything packed into a single product. Now, the release of WebChat can help make those dreams of a universal set of products a reality.

WebRTC also works toward many of the security goals of organizations. Enterprises do not just want universal products. They also need their communications to be secure and reliable. WebRTC comes with a base of security because it encrypts messages by default, so when team members make calls to one another, they can be sure their words are not open text.

The usability of the Web browser also allows employees to keep much of their work in one place. As they take advantage of cloud storage and Web-based applications, they can also realize that reaching out to team members can be just as easy. They will not have to leave their Web browsers and open up yet another app. Instead, all the functions they need will be directly before them in the same browser they have been comfortable using for years.

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