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Avotus Achieves Break Through with ITAM Robot Platform for Managing IT and Telecom Assets

November 30, 2015

Avotus has launched a unified platform for managing both mobile and wireline communications expenses and utilization, along with cloud and IT assets.

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) Robot solution builds and monitors telecom and IT asset inventory for enterprises, addressing one of the more complex operational arenas when it comes to business technology. The system uses patented software to discover real-time inventory, and matches it up against invoices and contracts within the automated business back office systems. As a result, enterprises can match up physical network layer assets (i.e. Ethernet, DSL, ISDN) with their associated networking devices (i.e. routers, switches, PBXs), in real-time.

Using the Avotus Cloud Services platform, online analytical processes are then used to create a configuration management database (CMDB) of all IT and telecom assets contracted for by the business tied to each contract and invoice.

“That clean inventory is the basis for enhanced savings,” Avotus CEO James Martino explained in a video interview. “Being able to go in on a technical level and get near-100 percent clean inventory, and to stress test those components in the IT network allows us to uncover additional savings opportunities. Real time physical inventory collected via a cost effective software Robot constitutes the Holy Grail in the TEM and ITAM arenas in my opinion.”

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And as a final step. Avotus’ expense management services then provide visibility and control of that database inventory and associated expenses.

“Every CIO that I speak to, a top priority is understanding what they’re managing and what they have in their network,” Martino said. “They want to know, what are the technologies at play in my network? Who are the vendors at play in my network? How much of a certain type of equipment and routers do I have? What bandwidth am I using? What technology am I applying? The ITAM Robot allows us to go in and map a network and all of those features on a real-time basis, to offer a very important and valuable understanding of the network and the layout.”

After the ITAM Robot solution has been deployed, it continues to monitor and update asset inventory on a real-time basis. Current, real time inventory was previously too costly to provide before ITAM Robot. The platform provides continued savings by improving business processes around invoices, contracts, order provisioning and cost allocations for all services connected to the physical network.

There are a number of benefits to automating ITAM. Aside from the simplification of telecom and IT financial management and reduced risk, it also streamlines and automates the on- and off-boarding of employees, allows for the seamless integration of Web services and disparate systems, and provides a level of Big Data analytics. Users can also audit capacity utilization and usage of data network assets against billing, to see if there are services that aren’t being used and can be decommissioned; and can monitor to ensure SLAs are met.

The platform automates the collection of vendor data through Web services and parsing technologies, and includes mobile applications that track inventory and usage in real time. It can also associate physical network devices (routers, switches, PBXs) with geolocation data and provide bandwidth reporting.

“With that visibility, CIOs can plot the course not only for expenditures, but also for technological planning, bandwidth needs and their migration to the cloud—all of these are important features to a CIO,” Martino added.

What’s more, the Robot includes a dynamic workflow creation tool and business process management engine that is integrated into the platform, so users can create dynamic provisioning/approval workflows.

“ITAM Robot mirrors the upgrade we had recently with our Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) 9.0 platform,” said Martino. “ITAM Robot elevates our legacy [expense management] platform to a market leading technology. ITAM Robot allows us to solve some of the biggest challenges in expense management and asset management, including the ability to obtain, in a cost-effective manner, accurate and clean inventory of our customers’ telecom and IT assets. It’s a big year for Avotus, as we’ve focused our energies on providing the best products and services.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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