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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Avotus, Turkcell, Skype

December 05, 2015

While the shortened Thanksgiving week put a bit of a crimp in the real time communications news flow, it definitely didn't stop it for long. Back with a vengeance, the flood of news in this field was as great as it ever was. So settle in and let's take advantage of a weekend to get a better handle on the week that was with our Week in Review coverage!

First, Avotus stepped in with its IT Asset Management (ITAM) Robot system. The ITAM Robot allows a degree of automation for keeping better track of communications systems, including mobile and wireline alike. Able to track expenses and utilization, as well as provide a connection between physical network assets and the accompanying networking devices, the ITAM Robot allows for a better understanding of what's at work and how it's working.

Next, Turkish carrier Turkcell added voice and video calls to its BiP mobile messaging system. With over 3.3 million downloads to date, the company notes, the app is available not only to domestic Turkcell subscribers, but also to 166 countries outside of the network. Particularly welcome in countries with large Turkish populations, BiP provides an over-the-top (OTT) solution in the same style as WhatsApp and Skype, giving customers an easy means to stay in touch.

Senior citizens were front and center in the next piece of news as we looked at technologies that might save lives. Whether preventing medication errors, helping track those who get lost, or just improving quality of life with better communications and fitness tracking, technology has a great potential to make seniors' lives better. Several new technologies are on hand with that in mind, and real time communications plays a role in many of these.

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Then we had a look at a younger market, the millennials. This market has meant a lot of changes over the years, and video conferencing is no exception. A new look at this market from Frost & Sullivan details a big rise afoot for this market, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1 percent from 2014 to 2021. That's almost a $6 billion market by 2021, and as the technology improves and becomes more accessible, more companies will likely turn to it, fueling further spikes in the market.

Finally, we had a look at Skype, and how soon, Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) was likely to roll over this massive communications tool. Skype is a major part of the landscape today, but in days to come, it will have a tough time competing against something that doesn't require an app to download before use, let alone specific logins or other credentials. Skype hasn't changed much from what it was even eight years ago, so with new technologies emerging, Skype may have a tough challenge ahead.

That was the week in real time communications, and our global online community was constantly on the prowl for fresh news to bring back. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest in the field, and every weekend as well for our Week in Review coverage!

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