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Mind Commerce: WebRTC Poised to Become a Content Powerhouse

December 07, 2015

Most people think of WebRTC as a great enabler of seamless communications. But research firm Mind Commerce argues that it’s also uniquely positioned to both be a single-point of interface for all stored content and a multimedia, and multi-modal dashboard for all content and applications.

WebRTC is a standard supporting a communication ecosystem that enables real-time communication over Web browsers using JavaScript APIs. A device supporting a HTML5 browser has mandatory support for WebRTC.

Mind Commerce sees WebRTC growing at a brisk pace over the course of the next five years, even within developing countries in the Middle East and Africa. In Western Europe and North America, user total will hit 24.5 million bby 2020, up from just 7.5 million today. In northern and southern Africa, totals will hit 4.3 million and 3.6 million, respectively, up from 1.3 million and 1.1 million each.

With this kind of growth, developers will be incentivized to innovate in features and functionality.

“WebRTC supported services will usher into the ICT ecosystem a next generation services ecosystem of communications, applications, content and commerce,” the firm said in a research note. “WebRTC will allow for a significantly enhanced communications experience; one that will integrate voice and data communications with various multimedia content and services. Various media and broadcast companies will benefit from WebRTC as it represents a multimedia, multimodal way to reach customers with free, premium, and freemium content that is highly interactive and personalized.”

For instance, end users will be able to store music, pictures, videos, games and other content in the cloud, access them anytime, anywhere, and share them with others.

“WebRTC is positioned to create a new wave of communications services with an ecosystem comprised of communications service providers, many vendors, enterprise, startups, open source entities and WebRTC end-users,” the firm said. “The emerging WebRTC value chain will create significant value by combining new applications and capabilities and transforming RTC technology.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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